How do you treat those that aren’t in the room

Two leadership questions
I gave some leadership thoughts recently to our team at Life Church. This may help you in life in dealing with relationships and people.
We have people at home in family, work mates, team mates, customers or clients, bosses and employees. At different times they are either ‘in the room’ or ‘out of the room’. In the room could mean ‘on your side’, ‘in your good books’, ‘close friend’ and literally ‘physically present with you’. Out of the room could mean ‘estranged’, ‘not physically present’ or has resigned, quit or not currently in relationship with you.
Here are two questions we can all ask:
1.How do we treat those that aren’t in the room. I had a boss who would constantly criticise and judge even his most loyal employees to me as a new staff member. That very quickly was a ‘red flag’; the way they freely talk about others is exactly the way they will talk about you when you aren’t in the room. The fact is that there are times when we are not in ‘the room’ and are vulnerable to peoples judgements and opinions.
Decide to speak positively of those who aren’t with you, you’ve had disagreements with – because negativity can quickly spread, so be caught saying great things about people!
2. how do we treat those in the room. Sometimes we take for granted the people closest to us. I often forget to thank my wife for the incredible role she takes in our family. We could not be affective as a family if it wan’t for her passion, enthusiasm and encouragement.
Hope that helps. God gave us relationships so that we could achieve more together. If you want a daily bible study, visit