Groups are designed to build deeper relationships & take us further on our faith journey

If you haven’t yet joined a Group, we have a Group every second Wednesday 7pm that includes dinner and paid babysitting organised. This is first choice for lots of people and we make room for every one to connect in a smaller group of 5-6. There is no need to RSVP, though it can help with catering 

You can join us on the following dates at 65 Southern Cross Drive Ballina
– July 24th Wednesday 7pm
-August 7th Wednesday 7pm
-August 21st Wednesday 7pm
-September 4th Wednesday 7pm

A typical week for everyone at Life Church
1. Sit together on a Sunday
2. Eat together during the week
3. Examine the Word of God together, based on questions in the study guide below
4. Discuss your next steps & pray for any needs among your friends and family

View 2019 Study Guide
^ Online version automatically updates

Resources for Each Theme
1. Prayer & Fasting – Jan
2. Leadership – Feb
3. Discipleship – March
4. Evangelism – April
*Easter Resources
5. Baptism & Communion – May
6. The Holy Spirit – June
7. Operating in Faith – July
8. Finances and Generosity – August
9. Sex, Love & Relationships – September
10. Healing – October
11. Praise & Worship – November
12. Fellowship & Partnership – December
*Christmas Resources