daily habits

The Limitless Life is a daily journey of escaping the noise of average, and doing daily habits that will bring about a limitless life. The life you want to live doesn’t just happen, but comes by changing what our mind thinks about, changing small daily habits, and changing what our main dream is for our life.

Daily Habits

There are things I remember to do every day that help Limitless become something I AM, rather than something I ATTEND. When you only attend Limitless, it leaves a lot of other time in your week for things that aren’t important and aren’t going to help you. The answer is starting daily habits that change what your day is like every single day.

Life Church + Limitless
“Daily Habits” – here is a valuable guide to give to new Christians in your work place, school or family re: reading the bible, prayer and daily devotions. We now include this as a letter for any responses during weekend services. Great way to get started on your faith journey!

 You can print this out below: